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Pioneering renewable education programme wins national acclaim

Mitsubishi Electric, a renewable solutions provider, has received nationwide acclaim in the United Kingdom for a pioneering educational programme called 'The Learning Curve', which teaches the energy consumers of tomorrow all about renewable technologies. The company's Hatfield headquarters is an educational resource for schools to help pupils understand the importance of adopting the 'new 3 R's' -- Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Several Hertfordshire schools have already benefited from the programme, which fits a morning session at the centre seamlessly into the curriculum to educate both students and teachers alike. The initiative secured first prize in the Training Excellence category of The National Heat Pump Awards, an annual celebration of the best that the renewable sector has to offer, as an inspirational and exciting new way to stimulate interest in renewable technology in the future workforce. The Learning Curve programme challenges the children to think about how society should cope with increased demands for energy use, while also seeking to combat climate change. Using a specially designed workbook and purpose-built experiments, the children discovered how photovoltaic panels can use solar energy to reduce electricity consumption, investigated how air source heat pumps can provide heating in the middle of winter, recycled their drinking cups into bird feeders, and learned how kitchen waste is recycled. In the 2011-2012 school year, the programme was carried out at a total of 11 schools in the local area, with some 296 children participating.

Mitsubishi Electric's Award-winning Renewable Education Programme
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