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Elevator Group Control System ΣAI-2200C
Smart & User Friendly  ΣAI-2200C

Group Control Technology (Video)
Group Control Technology (Video)
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Group Control Solution (Video)
Group Control Solution (Video)
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Intuitive & Comfortable
Comfortable elevator operation and ride under ever-changing usage conditions – that's the concept realized with the ΣAI-2200C group control system from Mitsubishi Electric. Incorporating the latest advancements in fuzzy-logic, this system utilizes intuitive control to provide smooth operation and a stress-free ride. The moment a hall call button is pressed, the optimal car to respond to the call is selected based on factors such as waiting time, travel time, current car occupancy and energy consumption, and the Immediate Prediction Indication feature is simultaneously activated to reduce user irritation generated when waiting for the car to arrive.
Behind all this are Mitsubishi Electric’s cutting-edge technologies, designed to add vitality and dynamism to building functionality.

Touch-screen hall operating panel for DOAS

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User-friendly Solution: AIL (Immediate Prediction Indication)
Efficiency Oriented Solution: DOAS (Destination Oriented Allocation System)
Extended Capability: DOAS (Destination Oriented Allocation System)