Elevators & Escalators
Quality in Motion
Diamond Trac GPM-III USA
At Mitsubishi Electric, we produce the most technology innovative elevators in the world. They benefit from our constaltly evolving technology and our constantly accumulated experience. Our elevators continue to establish benchmarks for quality in the industry, and consisitently set new standards for performance and reliability. The series GPM-III elevators exhibit this philosophy in every detail of design and concept.
Futuristic Key Technology
Series GPM-III elevators use advances in core technology to realize optium performance and operation efficiency. The advances include new gearless traction machines which utilize the PM (Permanent Magnet) motor*, VVVF (Variable Voltage, Variable Frequency) Inverters, AI (Artificial Intelligence), and Data Network Systems.

*1: PM motor is applied to elevators with rated speed of 400fpm and higher.

Intelligent Door System
An advanced RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computer) microprocessor and VVVF inverters also control the elevator doors. This intelligent system detects the actual door load conditions at each floor and automatically adjusts the door speed and torque to suit. The result is stable, sensitive, door opening and closing.

Variety of Features and Functions
A wide viriety of both standard and optional features and functions is available with Series GPM-III, to improve passenger safety and confort and to simplify building management.