Elevators & Escalators
Quality in Motion

Let Mitsubishi entertain your passengers with information and graphics that are meaningful to your tenants: floor directories, advertisements and elevator operations.

*The latest version of Adobe Flash Player is required to play online simulation.
 Click on the button below to download the Adobe Flash Player of the latest version.

Two display sizes(10.4 or 15 inches) are available.

*Actual screen size may vary with framework design.

Four types of traveling-direction indicators are available. Choose one that suits your elevator and building.

Select the best color from our five popular and eye-catching background colors.

Standard elevator information, and date and time are available in English (US, UK or Singapore), Chinese, French, Japanese, Portuguese or Spanish.

Enjoy video, DVD playback and television (NTSC/PAL) in an elevator.

Optional Information may not be available in some cases. For further information, Contact Us or local Mitsubishi Electric sales agent.

In the case of an emergency, a warning message appears at the bottom of the screen with a yellow background.

The displays can be installed not only in elevators but also in elevator halls.