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Information Technology R&D Center


The Information Technology R&D Center is actively creating new business through our basic research and development in the fields of information, telecommunications, multimedia, and electro-optics & microwave technology. We are also searching out technologies that enable us to be the leader, and are working to renew existing business through the fruits of our R&D in the field of IT.

Main Research Themes

Information security technology / Mobile communication systems / Multimedia encoding technology / Antenna technology for satellite communication


5-1-1, Ofuna, Kamakura City, 247-8501, Japan
Phone: +81 (467) 41-2111

Research Introduction

As the main center for the development of information and communications technology, we are conducting R&D in the areas of information, communications, multimedia, and electro-optics & microwave technology.


Information technology

Information security technology / Data management technology / Embedded systems technology / Information systems construction technology

Communication technology

Optical communication technology / Wireless communication technology / Optical access technology / IP network technology


Image technology / Voice & language technology / Multimedia systems LSI technology / Display systems technology

Electro-optics & microwave

Radar systems technology / Antenna technology / Microwave circuit technology / Laser, optics & ultrasonic wave technology