Responsibility to Shareholders & Investors

Basic Policy

The Mitsubishi Electric Group enthusiastically engages in IR activities to gain the understanding and trust of its shareholders and investors, and makes it a point to disclose the appropriate information in a timely manner, in regard to management policies, strategies, and financial results. We also make every effort to incorporate into our management plans and practices the views of our shareholders and investors and the results of dialogue with them.

Major IR Activities in Fiscal 2017

In fiscal 2017, we mainly organized presentations on corporate strategies and financial results for institutional investors and analysts, and held individual meetings with them. We also gave a presentation on the strategy of our power systems business to provide deeper understanding of the Mitsubishi Electric Group's businesses, and invited institutional investors and analysts to Mitsubishi Electric Advanced Solutions 2016 to introduce products and technologies that realize the Group's growth strategies. Company presentation meetings were also held for individual investors.

  • photo: Presentations on corporate strategy

    Presentations on corporate strategy

  • photo: Presentation on strategy of power systems business

    Presentation on strategy of power systems business