Our yearly report showing initiatives and achievements of the Mitsubishi Electric Group, as we help realize a sustainable society.

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CSR Report 2017

CSR Report 2017 highlights edition

About the Report

Information on this website introduces our CSR activities for the period covered by the Report

April 1, 2016 – March 31, 2017

  • * Also includes some information on policies, targets, and plans for fiscal 2018 and thereafter.

CSR at Mitsubishi Electric

In order to achieve common global goals, the Mitsubishi Electric Group will continue to strengthen its management, promote company-wide awareness of sustainable development goals (SDGs), and integrate the concept of SDGs into its management strategy.

President’s message

Working as a Group to enhance quality of life.

The Mitsubishi Electric Group will continually improve its technologies and services by applying creativity to all aspects of its business. By doing so, we enhance the quality of life in our society.

Philanthropic activities

We're connecting with people and making a difference in local communities around the world.

ESG survey index

This index has been prepared to enable an overall review of the Mitsubishi Electric Group's position on issues such as the environment, society, and governance.


Contributing to the realization of a prosperous society.

Through our business, we enhance the quality of life in our society to simultaneously achieve sustainability, safety, security and comfort.

Promoting CSR Management

We’re carrying out various CSR initiatives, as we aim to become a global, leading green company working to contribute toward enriching society.

CSR sitemap

Use this sitemap for an overall view of our extensive CSR activities.

Stories of Change

Electricity in Myanmar is not always available. So Kyaw Kyaw had an idea on how to give people light.

Traffic in Old Delhi can be dangerous. So Principal Farah Diba built a new way to get her students to school safely.

Over 70 million people in India don’t have access to clean water. Sui is changing this situation one cookie at a time.