Mitsubishi Electric de Colombia Ltda. provides donations to support charities in the communities where they operate, especially those serving poor families, children with special needs, and the elderly, as well as disaster relief efforts.
Employee volunteers participate in blood donation drives, raise funds for Christmas donations for poor families, and support Colombia's "Quality Schools" program by volunteering to teach in local schools.

Social Welfare Building a Future Full of Hope!

Mitsubishi Electric de Colombia Ltda. has made donations to different homes and foundations that help senior citizens and contribute to the education of financially disadvantaged children. Since its establishment in 1969, the company has made many contributions to society.

In 1989, a factory was established in Bello, Antioquia, where we donated some land to a school named Carla Cristina. Local children study there, and we have assumed some of the school's operating costs. Each year, these preschool children visit our installations and learn about our manufacturing processes, giving back to employees the best present anyone can receive: a smile that comes from the heart!

In addition, we have been sponsoring two soccer teams for children; one is located in Bello and another in MedellĂ­n's northeastern community. Through this activity, we help provide some enjoyment to these children that live in disadvantaged conditions.

In June 2011, we made the decision to sponsor 10 children in Bogotá (the capital city of Colombia), from the Foundation ABC PRODEIN. These children receive a monthly donation from the company for food and education. They study at Santa Viviana School, located in the Ciudad Bolivar area, which is one of the most impoverished parts of the city.

Inspired by this wonderful experience, we have been sponsoring 12 additional children in Bello, where our factory is located, since October 2013 with the cooperation of some of our employees. These children also receive a monthly donation from the company for food and education. They study at Mano Amiga, a school located in one of the most impoverished areas in the city.

Our belief is that we can change society little by little by supporting children, giving them useful tools that will help expand the hope, love, and opportunities in their lives. We firmly believe that children are the future of society, and we are committed to these children, to the society, and to our country.

Through activities such as these, we are making our small contribution to building a better society and bringing about "Changes for the Better" in Colombia.

photo: Colombia's "Quality Schools" program 1
photo: Colombia's "Quality Schools" program 2
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