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Providing Integrated Solutions

Having continuously enhanced performance on a wide range of FA products, Mitsubishi Electric uses its e-F@ctory to optimize all aspects of production and coordinate information between MES high-level information systems and production floors. To conserve and streamline energy usage at production facilities, we also offer our e&eco-F@ctory solution.
Mitsubishi Electric provides a variety of solutions aimed at further optimizing production.

e-F@ctory: An Integrated FA Solution for Improving
Productivity through Optimization

Our e-F@ctory concept utilizes cutting-edge control and networking technologies to “visualize” information and coordinate with high-level manufacturing execution systems to improve production. This allows production facilities to increase uptime, shorten lead times, improve quality, cut costs and otherwise optimize operations. The e-F@ctory reduces total cost of ownership (TCO) by cutting total costs in development, production and maintenance, and optimizes operations by integrating advanced technologies. It also improves production floor coordination with its iQ platform-compatible engineering environment, controllers, HMIs and networks.

e&eco-F@ctory: A New Energy Solution to Streamline
Energy Usage at Production Facilities

To beat the competition, production facilities are always looking for more ways to improve. With the e&eco-F@ctory, we combine our e-F@ctory concept, which integrates and streamlines plant-wide operations, with our eco-Factory concept, which saves energy through management of the energy consumption rate.
A facility's production equipment uses up a particularly large portion of the energy used in production. This is why it is important to be able to make detailed measurements of energy usage and measure more locations, from power inlets to production equipment, and also why it is important to establish the energy consumption rate, which indicates the energy used by individual products, as a new indicator in optimizing production facilities. Mitsubishi Electric melds the control and network technologies developed in the FA equipment field with measurement technologies developed through its energy-saving activities in the power receiving and distribution field. With the e&eco-F@ctory, we are able to leverage energy information to simultaneously improve productivity and cut costs.