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Product Features

The Best Partner for Yout Success - All the staffs who are committed to MITSUBISHI CNC business wish to be "the best partner for customers aiming at global and future-oriented development". We will continue our efforts with the aim that our CNCs be great help to the customers.

Features of the new product

It will introduce three of the features of the latest model M800/M80 Series.

Faster, smoother, easier with higher accuracy!
Minimize the life cycle cost for end users!

  • Basic Performance
  • Machining Performance
  • Advanced Design

Basic PerformanceMITSUBISHI's unique CNC-dedicated CPU

CNC-dedicated CPU

CNC-dedicated CPU with MITSUBISHI’s own ultra-high-speed processing capacity of the state-of-the-art process technology

Machining PerformanceAchieve a reduction of processing time (our M7 series ratio)

Advanced DesignRealized the innovative operability with touch panel

M800W Series and M800S/M80 Series won
the Good Design Award in FY 2015


Machining CenterSuper Smooth Surface control

LatheSignificantly enhanced lathe and auto-lathe features


The operability in the new touch panel of the latest model M800/M80 series, will introduce in the video.
Please click the Play button.

M800W Series and M800S/M80 Series won
the Good Design Award in FY 2015


Enhanced environment resistance and maintainability for each unit

Control Unit

  • ECC-embedded memory
  • No-fan structure
  • Instantaneous power failure detecting function

Display Unit

  • SD and USB I/Fs are separated
  • Capacitive touch-screen panel
  • LED for back light

I/O Unit

  • RIO2.0 communication
  • Enhanced noise immunity
  • DIN rail attachable

Personal Computer Unit

  • No hard-disk drive (Vibration resistance improved)


IoT/Response to the Era of Big Data

Equipped with a function that CNC automatically sends 1 machine amount data.

  • MES interface helps to visualize factory-wide operation
    (CNC automatically sends SQL statements to production control system database upon completion of cutting or occurrence of an alarm)
  • When control is combined with the EcoMonitorLight power consumption monitor and the thermal sensor unit, operators can monitor not only CNC status, but also the energy consumed by the machines.


Detailed alarm history information

At the time of alarm occurrence, the detailed information of alarm history is output in a separate file from the existing alarm history.
Understanding detailed information such as modal and coordinates at the time of occurrence enables you to perform early troubleshooting.


M800/M80 Series provides a range of safety features collectively called the Smart Safety Observation Function.
This function has achieved full conformity with the safety standards that cover the entire system including CNC, drive, I/O, sensors and communication.

Smart safety observation function

  • Safety-related I/O observation
  • Safely-Limited Speed (SLS)
  • Safe Operating Stop (SOS)
  • Safe Brake Control/Safe Brake Test (SBC/SBT)
  • Safe Stop (SS1/SS2)
  • Emergency stop observation
  • Safely-Limited Position (SLP)
  • Safe Speed Monitor (SSM)
  • Safe Cam (SCA)
  • Safe Torque Off (STO)

Functional safety system can be configured easily.