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MELSEC iQ-F series

High speed counter

Model Number of channels Type Highest response
comparison output function
2-phase counter
edge count function
Compatible CPU module
FX3U-2HC 2 ch 1 phase
1 input
Max. 200 kHz - *

Up to
2 modules

Up to
2 modules
1 phase
2 input
Max. 200 kHz
2 phase
2 input
1 edge count: Max. 200 kHz
2 edge count: Max. 100 kHz
4 edge count: Max. 50 kHz

*: When connecting to FX5U or FX5UC, FX5-CNV-BUS or FX5-CNV-BUSC is required. Select one according to the system configuration.

High-speed pulse input/output module

Model Generic Specifications Function Compatible CPU module
FX5-16ET/ES-H Max. 2 ch 200 kHz ・High-speed counter function
 - Normal mode
・Pulse Width Measurement Function
・Pulse Catch Function
・General-purpose Input Functions

Up to 4 modules

Up to 4 modules

*1: Supported in version 1.030 or later.
*2: When connecting to FX5UC, FX5-CNV-IFC or FX5-C1PS-5V is required.

FX5U/FX5UC CPU module built-in input functions (Built-in high-speed counter function)

Model Generic Specifications Function
FX5U CPU module Max. 8ch 200kHz
FX5U-32M: 6 ch 200kHz + 2 ch 10kHz
・High-speed counter function
 - Normal mode
 - Pulse density measurement mode
 - Rotation speed measurement mode
・FX3-compatible high-speed counter function
・Pulse Width Measurement Function
・Pulse Catch Function
 - Pulse Catch Function
 - FX3-Compatible Pulse Catch Function
・General-purpose Input Functions
FX5UC CPU module Max. 8 ch 200kHz
FX5UC-32M: 6 ch 200kHz + 2 ch 10kHz