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Safety Controller

Safety controller MELSEC-WS Series

This compact safety controller complies with EN ISO 13849-1 Category 4/PL e and IEC 61508 SIL 3 safety standards. It is ideal for small to medium-scale safety control system. Safety I/O points can be extended to 144 points per CPU module according to the system configuration. Utilizing the dedicated Setting and Monitoring Tool*1, setup and logic creation can be easily done.

*1. For details on how to obtain the tool, please contact your local Mitsubishi Electric sales office or representative.

MELSEC-WS Series system configuration

*2. No. of input points: 8 points (single wiring), No. of output points: 4 points (single wiring)
*3. No. of input points: 8 points (single wiring)
*4. Safety relay output: 4 points

Flexible extensibility

  • Up to 12 safety input and I/O modules, 4 safety relay output modules, and 2 network modules can be installed.
  • I/O points can be extended to 144 points (single input). Safety input: 96 points (single input) and safety output: 48 points (single output).

Fast shut off function realizing a response time of 8 ms

Fast shut off function that enables the safety I/O module to shut off safety output without going through the CPU module realizes a response time of 8 ms. This system can shorten safety distances in the safety system.

Flexi Line/Flexi Link
Safety communication network between safety controllers

Safety communications between safety controllers can be easily established at a low cost just by connecting the CPU modules with dedicated cables. Safety communication is realized without a dedicated network module, allowing utilization in various production site. In addition, coordination between multiple devices is possible, improving production system safety.

*5. Flexi Line is supported by WS0-CPU3 only and Flexi Link is supported by WS0-CPU1 and WS0-CPU3 only.

Safety control can be easily added to existing MELSEC PLCs (CC-Link/Ethernet)

Applicable functions with network interface

Monitoring information
Notification data
Setting and Monitoring tool
Connection via network

Connecting the safety controller to CC-Link, safety control can be performed with the existing MELSEC iQ-R/Q/L module. Furthermore, operation status and error status of the safety controller can be monitored with the existing MELSEC iQ-R/Q/L module. This helps quickly identifying the factor of emergency stop and faulty equipment.

Dedicated "Setting and Monitoring Tool*6" provides intuitive system configuration environment

■ Configuration

Hardware configuration can be easily and quickly done using a wide range of elements.

*6. For details on how to obtain the tool, please contact your local Mitsubishi Electric sales office or representative.
*7. Connecting parameters of major safety equipment, such as emergency stop switches, safety door switches and light curtains, are expressed by an icon.
Make settings simply by drag-and-drop decision. Elements for Safety devices of Mitsubishi's partners are also available. Please contact your local Mitsubishi
■ Logic Editor

Elements connected to the I/O terminal are automatically labeled, enabling logic creation easier using labels and function blocks.

■ Diagnosis/monitor

Monitoring of the internal status of modules and error histories is possible.

■ Report

The wiring diagram for I/O modules can be automatically created. Report such as error diagnosis can be created, printed, and saved as PDF.

■ I/O matrix

The relation of inputs and outputs can be displayed as a matrix.

■ Data recorder

ON/OFF status of safety input signal and safety output signal processed by the safety controller can be stored.*8 Results recorded on the Setting and Monitoring Tool can also be viewed on the computer to utilize for troubleshooting.

*8. Available when a CPU module with firmware version of V2.01 (revision 2.XX) or later and a Setting and Monitoring Tool of V1.7.0 or later are used together.
■ Import and export of logic

The connection settings to the I/O modules or application logic created with function blocks can be stored in a single setting file, and data can be read out of stored setting files.


Product name Model Abbreviated product model name
CPU WS0-CPU000200 WS0-CPU0
CPU (with EFI) WS0-CPU130202 WS0-CPU1
CPU (with EFI, Flexi Line) WS0-CPU320202 WS0-CPU3
Memory plug for CPU
(for WS0-CPU0/WS0-CPU1)
WS0-MPL000201 WS0-MPL0
Memory plug for CPU
(for WS0-CPU3)
WS0-MPL100201 WS0-MPL1
Safety input WS0-XTDI80202 WS0-XTDI
Safety I/O combined WS0-XTIO84202 WS0-XTIO
Safety relay output WS0-4RO4002 WS0-4RO
USB/RS-232 conversion cable WS0-C20M8U, WS0-UC-232A
RS-232 cable connecting to CPU WS0-C20R2
CC-Link interface WS0-GCC100202 WS0-GCC1
Ethernet interface WS0-GETH00200 WS0-GETH
Screw-in replacement terminal block WS0-TBS4
Spring clamp replacement terminal block WS0-TBC4
Setting and Monitoring Tool SW1DNN-WS0ADR-B
The MELSEC-WS Series was developed and manufactured by SICK AG. SICK is a German supplier of safety solutions. SICK designs and manufactures a broad range of safety products including industrial-use sensors and automatic identification systems.
* General specifications and product guarantee conditions for co-branded products may vary from those of general MELSEC products.
For more information, please refer to the relevant product manuals or contact your local Mitsubishi Electric sales office/representative.


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