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Safety Controller

Best suited for small and medium safety systems! A compact new solution featuring easy to use settings.

Safety controller

This compact new safety controller complies with ISO13849-1 PLe and IEC61508 SIL3 safety standards.
The most suitable application of MELSEC-WS is to ensure safe operation of stand-alone machines or systems.
To meet your system configuration, it allows you to have additional I/O points of up to 144. Also, you can easily make settings and create logic by using the Setting and Monitoring Tool exclusively provided for the controller.

  • CPU module(WS0-CPU1) supports Flexi Link with EFI for safety communications between safety controllers
    Safety communications between safety controllers can be easily established at a low cost just by connecting the CPU modules with dedicated cables (Flexi Link cables).
    Using Flexi Link, safety communication can be conducted between up to four safety controllers.

MELSEC-WS basic configuration

Product name Model Abbreviated product model name
CPU module WS0-CPU000200 WS0-CPU0
CPU module (with EFI) WS0-CPU130202 WS0-CPU1
CPU module memory plug WS0-MPL000201 WS0-MPL
Safety input module WS0-XTDI80202 WS0-XTDI
Safety I/O module WS0-XTIO84202 WS0-XTIO
Safety relay output module WS0-4RO4002 WS0-4RO
RS-232 cable connecting to CPU module WS0-C20R2
USB/RS-232 conversion cable WS0-UC-232A
Ethernet interface module WS0-GETH00200 WS0-GETH
CC-Link interface module WS0-GCC100202 WS0-GCC1
Screw-in replacement terminal block WS0-TBS4
Spring clamp replacement terminal block WS0-TBC4
Setting and Monitor Tool SW1DNN-WS0ADR-B

This product was jointly developed and manufactured with the German safety device maker SICK AG.
Please note that the terms of the warranty differ from other PLC products.



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Presentation Movie