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Safety Programmable Controller

This Safety Programmable Controller is the Safety Solution for a manufacturing site.

MELSEC-QS Safety programmable controller

The safety programmable controller is an International Safety Standard certified PLC for safety control. When connected with a safety device, such as an emergency stop switch or light curtain, this programmable controller executes safety control by turning the safety output OFF with a user-created sequence program to stop movement toward a source of hazard, such as a robot.
Machine control of the robot and conveyor, etc., is executed with a general-purpose programmable controller in the conventional manner. The difference between the safety programmable controller and general-purpose programmable controller lies in that if the safety programmable controller itself fails, it performs a self-diagnosis to detect the failure and turn the safety output OFF forcibly.
This prevents the safety functions from being disabled because of a fault. Create a distributed safety control system using the CC-Link Safety network or the CC-Link IE Field Network with Safety Communication Functions for large scale systems requiring many safety I/O points.

GX Developer safety compliant engineering environment

Programming the MELSEC-QS uses the same GX Developer programming tools already familiar to users of Mitsubishi systems;
there are no new techniques to learn or software to buy.
However, a safety system should prevent malfunctions due to user-specified parameter settings or accidental program changes.
GX Developer prevents this with the following additional functions:

  • Prevents unauthorized access to safety control programs.
    Login authentication prevents unauthorized users from accessing project files.
  • Prevents unauthorized access to the Safety CPU.
    CPU access password prevents project files from being incorrectly written to the Safety CPU.

CC-Link Safety open field network

The CC-Link Safety network detects the communication errors defined by safety standards, and serves as a safety system to turn outputs OFF when those errors are detected. CC-Link Safety is compatible with the established CC-Link open device level network, and features an additional error detection function protocol required for safety control, thereby permitting it to be used as a safety field network. Communication is stopped when an error is detected, and the Safety CPU and Safety Remote I/O modules turn the outputs OFF.
CC-Link Safety is an international standard for the safety field network, and has been enacted as the safety communication standard IEC61784-3-8.

CC-Link IE Field Network

This industrial Ethernet field network "CC-Link IE Field Network" enables intelligent manufacturing systems to perform high speed I/O control and distributed control simultaneously. Wiring is done easily thanks to standard Ethernet cables and flexible cabling.
Safety information can be shared between two or more safety programmable controllers using "Safety Communication Functions".
Communications between standard programmable controllers may be performed concurrently with communications between safety programmable controllers.
CC-Link IE Field Network with Safety Communication Functions meets international safety standards IEC61508 SIL3 and IEC61784-3(2010).
CC-Link IE Field Network

MELSEC-QS Safety programmable controller system configuration

Product name Model
Safety CPU module* QS001CPU
Safety main base unit* QS034B
Safety power supply module* QS061P-A1
CC-Link IE Field Network master/local module (with Safety Communication Functions) QS0J71GF11-T2
CC-Link Safety system master module* QS0J61BT12
CC-Link Safety system remote I/O module QS0J65BTB2-12DT*
*: A component compatible with Korea's KOSHA S mark is to be added -K at the end.

Application example

Safety Programmable Controller Application example

Safety Programmable Controller Installation example

An application example of the Safety Programmable Controller
at real facilities is introduced in an easy-to-see video movie.
It also contains audio explanations
(8 minutes and 7 seconds in FLV mode).