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MELSEC iQ-R Series

Motion, Positioning, Flexible high-speed I/O, High-speed counter

MELSEC iQ-R Series simple motion, positioning, flexible high-speed I/O, and high-speed counter modules are a distinct set of high-accuracy and fast control response intelligent modules that are ideal for applications requiring high-speed and precision.

  • Wide range of modules for best-fit motion control needs
  • Motion control programming simplified
  • Software-based gear, shaft, transmission, and cam control
  • 3-axis helical interpolation for large-diameter thread milling
  • Normal, fast or multi-axis startup
  • High-accuracy pulse measurement

Simple motion module

Simple motion modules are easy to setup similar to positional modules and offer high-precision motion controller performance. This is an easy-to-use module specifically designed for highly precise motion control applications, available with connection to either high-speed servo control network (SSCNET Ⅲ/H) or CC-Link IE Field network depending on the model.

  • Positioning control (sealant-glue applicator, etc.)
  • Synchronous control/electronic cam control (Pick and place, packaging machine, etc.)
  • Speed-torque control (Press machine, injection molding, etc.)
  • Speed/position control switching (semiconductor wafer production, etc.)

Positioning module

Capable of high-speed transmission (5M pulses/s*1), the positioning module can control up to four axes. This versatile module supports connection to a wide range of motion devices, such as pulse-train input servo amplifiers or stepping motor with a transistor (open collector), or differential driver input interface.

*1: Differential driver output

  • Positional control (sealant-glue applicator, etc.)
  • Speed control (Conveyor control, paper roller feed-in, etc.)
  • Linear, circular, helical interpolation (High-speed milling, etc.)

High-speed counter module

Capable of measurements at up to 8M pulses/s*2, the high-speed counter module is an ideal low-cost position control solution that provides precise positional tracking when used in combination with an incremental encoder.

*2: Differential input

  • Pulse measurement by an encoder (conveyor control, etc.)
  • PWM (pulse-width modulation) system drive control