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System Configuration

  • The Q-series Motion controllers can configure a Multiple CPU system with Programmable controllers.
  • By selecting the Motion CPU and PLC CPU according to the application, a flexible system is configured.
  • The Multiple CPU system is capable of using up to four CPU modules. (one PLC CPU must be used.)
  • Over 100 types of Q series modules are available, which enhances system scalability.
  • Up to 96 axes of servo motors can be controlled by using three modules of the Q173DSCPU.

(Note-1) : Destination of the external input signals (FLS, RLS, DOG) can be changed with parameters.

(Note-2) : Be sure to use the cable for forced stop input (sold separately).

(Note-3) : Motion modules (Q172DLX/Q172DEX/Q173DPX) cannot be installed in CPU slot and I/O slot 0 to 2 of the main base unit.

(Note-4) : Install Q172DEX to the main base unit. Do not install to the extension base unit.

(Note-5) : It is impossible to mount the main base unit by DIN rail when using the Motion CPU module.

(Note-6) : Use the Graphic Operation Terminal (GOT) compatible with Motion CPU (Q173DSCPU/Q172DSCPU). When you use GOT2000, refer to the "GOT2000 Series Connection Manual (Mitsubishi Products)". When you use GOT1000, refer to the "GOT1000 Series Connection Manual (Mitsubishi Products)".