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CC-Link IE Field

CC-Link IE Field Network

  • The new industrial Ethernet field network with high flexibility enables intelligent manufacturing systems to perform high speed I/O control and Motion control simultaneously.
  • The network wiring layout is highly flexible to best fit the needs of the application. Choose from line, star, or mixed line and star topology.
  • QD77GF can be used as the master station of CC-Link IE Field Network, and connected to a wide variety of devices, such as I/O devices.
  • Shorten tact time by using the 1Gbps CC-Link IE Field Network.
  • Based on Ethernet standards, cables and connectors are widely available around the world.

Deterministic and synchronized communication

Synchronous control and interpolation functions are achieved with the synchronized communication of CC-Link IE Field Network, being applied to machines which need synchronous control such as food machineries and processing machines.

Flexible Network Topology

Line, star, and line/star mixed topologies are available for the CC-Link IE Field Network wiring layout.

Line/star mixed topology

Star topology is available using an industrial switching HUB.
HUB applied: DT135TX (manufactured by Mitsubishi Electric System & Service Co., Ltd.)

Line topology

The Simple Motion modules (Master station) can be connected to slave devices without using a HUB, which reduces cost.

CC-Link IE Field Network Servo Amplifier MR-J4-GF

  • Having a superior control function of MR-J4 series, MR-J4-GF supports CC-Link IE Field network.
  • Together with the Simple Motion module, advanced synchronous control and interpolation control are enabled.

Positioning Control

  • To respond to various applications, a machine can be controlled by various control methods such as linear interpolation control, 2-axis circular interpolation control, fixed-pitch feed control, and continuous trajectory control.
  • Automatic operation can be executed by setting the positioning addresses and speeds, etc., to a sequence program.
  • Powerful sub-functions are available such as M codes, skip function, speed change function, and target position change function.

Synchronous Control/Cam Control

  • Achieve synchronous control and cam control by using input pulses from a synchronous encoder or virtual servo amplifier.
  • Use an incremental synchronous encoder with the directly built-in interface of QD77GF.
  • Further improve the synchronization accuracy with the phase compensation function, designed to compensate for synchronous encoder delays.

Control Flow

The start of positioning operation by the Simple Motion module is programmed in PLC CPU.
The Simple Motion module starts operation from the designated positioning data No. and continues operation until the operation pattern ends.

Functions List

  Simple Motion Module
Number of control axes 16 axes8 axes4 axes
Servo amplifier connection method CC-Link IE Field (1000Mbps)
Maximum distance
between stations [m(ft.)]
Connectable servo amplifier MR-J4-GF , MR-J4-GF-RJ
Operation cycle 1.0, 2.0, 4.0
Engineering environment Simple Motion Module Setting Tool (Note-1)          MR Configurator2
Control modes PTP (Point To Point) control, Position control, Cam control, synchronous control,
2 axes/3 axes/4 axes Linear interpolation, 2 axes Circular interpolation, Trajectory control,
Speed/position switching control (ABS/INC), Position/speed switching control (INC)
Control unit mm, inch, degree, PLS
Positioning data 600 data (positioning data No. 1 to 600)/axis
(Can be set with MELSOFT GX Works2 or Sequence program.)
Acceleration/deceleration method Trapezoidal acceleration/deceleration, S-curve acceleration/deceleration
Manual control JOG operation, Manual pulse generator operation, Inching operation
Functions that change control details Current value change, Target position change function, Torque change function, Speed change function,
Override function, Acceleration/deceleration time change function
Home position return method Driver OPR method
Auxiliary function Forced stop function, Hardware stroke limit function, Software stroke limit function, Absolute position system, Amplifier-less operation function, Unlimited length feed, Mark detection function, Flash ROM backup,
M-code output function, Module error collection function, Digital oscilloscope function, Cam auto-generation function
Number of I/O occupying points 32 points (I/O allocation: Intelligent function module, 32 points)
5VDC internal current consumption [A] 0.8
Mass [kg] 0.26

(Note-1): Simple Motion Module Setting Tool is included in MELSOFT GX Works2.