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MR-J2-Super Series August 2015 Discontinued

HC-KFS series

  • Low inertia, Small capacity
  • Rated speed:3000r/min, 6000r/min, 10000r/min
  • Application examples:Belt drive, Robots, Mounters, Sewing machines, X-Y tables, Food processing machines, Semiconductor manufacturing devices, Knitting and embroidery machines

HC-MFS series

  • Ultra-low inertia, Small capacity
  • Rated speed:3000r/min
  • Application examples:Inserters, Mounters

HC-SFS series

  • Medium inertia, Medium capacity
  • Rated speed 200V class:1000r/min, 2000r/min, 3000r/min
  • Rated speed 400V class:2000r/min
  • Application examples:Material handling systems, Robots, X-Y tables

HC-LFS series

  • Low inertia, Medium capacity
  • Rated speed:2000r/min
  • Application examples:Roll feeders, Loaders and unloaders, High-frequency material handling systems

HC-RFS series

  • Ultra-low inertia, Medium capacity
  • Rated speed:3000r/min
  • Application examples:Ultra-highfrequency material handling systems

HC-UFS series

  • Flat type, Medium capacity
  • Rated speed:2000r/min, 3000r/min
  • Application examples:Robots, Food processing machines

HA-LFS series

  • Low inertia, Medium capacity to Large capacity
  • Rated speed:1000r/min, 1500r/min, 2000r/min
  • Application examples:Injection molding machines, Semiconductor manufacturing equipment, Large material handling systems