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GOT2000 Series

Product List

Classification Model Specifications/remarks
GOT *1 GT2506HS-VTBD Display section: 6.5" VGA, TFT color LCD, 65536 colors, panel color: black, power supply: 24 V DC
Protective sheet GT16H-60PSC For 6.5" Clear type, a set of 5 sheets
Emergency stop
switch guard cover
GT16H-60ESCOV Cover for preventing incorrect operation of the emergency stop switch
Battery GT15-BAT Battery for backup of SRAM data, clock data, and system status log data (for replacement)
Serial multi-drop
connection unit
GT01-RS4-M For the GOT multi-drop connection
SD memory card NZ1MEM-2GBSD SD memory card for GOT, 2 GB
NZ1MEM-4GBSD SDHC memory card for GOT, 4 GB
NZ1MEM-8GBSD SDHC memory card for GOT, 8 GB
NZ1MEM-16GBSD SDHC memory card for GOT, 16 GB
Connector conversion box GT16H-CNB-42S The connector conversion box is used to convert the Handy GOT connector signals into individual signals for the terminal block, D-sub connector, and Ethernet RJ-45.
External connection cable (to connect the connector conversion box) GT16H-C30-42P 3m For connection between the Handy GOT and the connector conversion box (GT16H-CNB-42S)
GT16H-C60-42P 6m
GT16H-C100-42P 10m
HMI/GOT Screen Design Software MELSOFT GT Works3 SW1DND-GTWK3-E English version, standard license product *2, DVD-ROM
GOT Mobile function license *3 GT25-WEBSKEY-1 1 license
  • *1 For compatible cables, refer to the GOT2000 Series Handy GOT Connection Manual.
  • *2 In addition to the standard license product, volume license product and additional license product are also available. For more details, please contact your local sales office.
  • *3 1 license is required for 1 GOT unit.