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GOT2000 Series


General specifications

Item Specifications
Operating ambient temperature 0℃ to 40℃
Storage ambient temperature -20℃ to 60℃
Operating/Storage ambient humidity 10% RH to 90% RH, non-condensing
Vibration resistance Compliant with JIS B3502 and IEC 61131-2   Frequency Acceleration Half amplitude Sweep count
Under intermittent vibration 5 to 8.4 Hz - 3.5mm 10 times in each of X,Y, and Z directions
8.4 to 150 Hz 9.8m/s² -
Under continuous vibration 5 to 8.4 Hz - 1.75mm -
8.4 to 150 Hz 4.9m/s² -
Shock resistance Compliant with JIS B3502 and IEC 61131-2. (147 m/s² (15G), 3 times in each of X, Y, and Z directions)
Operating atmosphere No oily fumes, corrosive gas, flammable gas, excessive conductive dust, or direct sunlight. (as well as when in storage)
Operating altitude *1 2000 m or less
Overvoltage category *2 Ⅱ or less
Pollution degree *3 2 or less
Cooling method Self-cooling
Grounding Grounding with a ground resistance of 100 Ω or less by using a ground cable that has a cross-sectional area of 2 mm2 or more. If impossible, connect the ground cable to the control panel.
  • *1 Do not use or store the GOT under the atmospheric pressure higher than that at an altitude of 0 m. Doing so may cause a malfunction.
  • *2 This indicates the section of the power supply to which the equipment is assumed to be connected between the public electrical power distribution network and the machinery within the premises. Category Ⅱ applies to equipment that is supplied with power from fixed facilities. The surge withstand voltage is 2500 V for equipment with ratings up to 300 V.
  • *3 This indicates the occurrence rate of conductive material in an environment where a device is used. Pollution degree 2 indicates an environment where only non-conductive pollution occurs normally and a temporary conductivity caused by condensation shall be expected depending on the conditions.

Power supply specifications

Item Specifications
Power supply voltage 24 V DC (+10%, -15%)
Power consumption Under the maximum load 11.6 W or less
Main unit with backlight off 8.2 W
Inrush current 30 A or less (2 ms, ambient temperature: 25℃, under the maximum load)
Permissible instantaneous power failure time 5 ms or less
Noise immunity Noise voltage: 1000 Vp-p, noise width: 1 μs, measured by a noise simulator with noise frequency ranging from 30 Hz to 100 Hz
Withstand voltage 500 V DC for 1 minute across power terminals and earth
Insulation resistance 500 V DC across power terminals and earth, 10 MΩ or more by an insulation resistance tester

Performance specifications

Item Specifications
Display section *1*2 Display device TFT color LCD
Screen size 6.5"
Resolution VGA: 640 × 480 dots
Display size 132.5(5.22) (W) × 99.4(3.91) (H) mm(inch)
Number of displayed characters 16-dot standard font: 40 characters × 30 lines (two-byte characters)
12-dot standard font: 53 characters × 40 lines (two-byte characters)
Display color 65536 colors
Brightness adjustment 32 levels
Backlight LED (not replaceable)
Backlight life *4 Approx. 40000 h (operating ambient temperature: 25℃, display intensity: 50%)
Touch panel *3 Type Analog resistive film
Key size Minimum 2 × 2 dots *6 (per key)
Simultaneous press Not available *7 (Only 1 point can be touched.)
Life 1 million touches or more (Operating force: 0.98 N or less)
User memory User memory capacity Memory for storage (ROM): 32 MB, Memory for operation (RAM): 80 MB
Life (Number of write times) 100000 times
Built-in clock precision ±90 seconds/month (ambient temperature: 25℃)
Battery   GT15-BAT lithium battery
  Life Approx. 5 years (Ambient temperature: 25℃)
RS-232 or RS-422/485, 1 channel (Select one channel. RS-422/485 is set as the factory default.)
Transmission speed: 115200, 57600, 38400, 19200, 9600, 4800 bps, Connector shape: square, 42-pin (male)
Ethernet 1 channel. Data transfer method: 100BASE-TX, 10BASE-T Connector shape: square, 42-pin (male)
USB (host) 1 channel (top). Maximum transfer rate: high-speed 480 Mbps Connector shape: USB-A
USB (device) 1 channel (top). Maximum transfer rate: high-speed 480 Mbps Connector shape: USB Mini-B
SD memory card 1 channel. SDHC compliant (maximum 32 GB)
Buzzer output Single tone (tone and tone length adjustable)
POWER LED 2 colors (blue and orange)
Protective structure *5 IP65F (When an external cable is connected. The rating is not applied to the relay connector side of the external cable.)
Safety standards, radio laws (as of August 2017) CE, UL, cUL, EAC, KC
External dimensions 201(7.91) (W) × 230(9.06) (H) × 97(3.82) (D) mm(inch) (excluding projections such as the emergency stop switch)
Weight 1.2(2.6) kg(lb) (GOT main unit only)
Compatible software package GT Works3 Version1.170C or later
  • *1 As a characteristic of liquid crystal display panels, bright dots (always lit) and dark dots (never lit) may appear on the panel. Since liquid crystal display panels comprise of a great number of display elements, the appearance of bright and dark dots cannot be reduced to zero. Individual differences in liquid crystal display panels may cause differences in color, uneven brightness and flickering. Note that these phenomena are characteristics of liquid crystal display panels and it does not mean the products are defective or damaged.
  • *2 Flickering may occur due to vibration, shock, or the display colors.
  • *3 When a stylus is used, the touch panel has a life of 100 thousand touches. The stylus must satisfy the following specifications.
    • Material: polyacetal resin • Tip radius: 0.8 mm or more
  • *4 To prevent the display section from burning in and to lengthen the backlight life, enable the screen saver function and turn off the backlight.
  • *5 Note that the structure does not guarantee protection in all user environments. The rating is not applied when the interface environment protection cover or the environmental protection back cover is removed. The GOT may not be used in an environment where the GOT is exposed to oil or chemicals for a long time, or where oil mist fills the air.
  • *6 Minimum size of a key that can be placed. To ensure safe use of the product, the following settings are recommended.
    • Key size: 16 × 16 dots or larger • Distance between keys: 16 dots or more
  • *7 If you touch two points or more simultaneously on the touch panel, a touch switch near the touched points may operate unexpectedly. Do not touch two points or more simultaneously on the touch panel.

Switch specifications

Item Specifications
Operation switch 6 switches (6 contacts/common), N/O contact, Max. rating 10mA/24 V DC, Life: 1000000 times
Grip switch 1 switch (single wiring), 2 N/O contacts, 3-position system OFF-ON-OFF enable switch (deadman switch), Max. rating 1A/24 V DC (resistance load), Max. rating 0.3A/24 V DC (induction load), Life: 100000 times
Emergency stop switch 1 switch (single wiring), 3 N/C contacts, Max. rating 1A/24 V DC (resistance load), Maximum rating 0.3A/24 V DC (induction load), Life: 100000 times
Keylock switch
(2-position switch)
1 switch (single wiring), 2-position, 2-notch type (A key can be inserted and removed on only the left side. Two keys are provided.), Maximum rating 1A/24 V DC (resistance load), Maximum rating 0.3A/24 V DC (induction load), Life: 100000 times
Operation switch LED 6 green LEDs (lighting control from display section)
Grip switch LED 1 green LED (lighting control from display section)

External dimensions

External dimensions