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Professional designs. Maximized efficiency. Intuitive operations.
All made possible by GT Works3.

Support screen creation

Utilize data

Reuse previous projects
When creating a new project, search through the existing projects to find any existing projects that may be reused.
Keyword search helps narrow down the search.

  • Specify search range
  • Select "Sample Project" to reuse a sample project.
  • Select or input a keyword
  • Select a prepared keyword or input an arbitrary keyword.
  • Search results are displayed
  • Choose the applicable project from the search result

Procedure:[Project]→[New]→[Utilize Data]

Reuse previous screens
Reuse individual screens from past or sample projects. The settings are also applied and reused so that you can create project data easily.

Search by target/category/keyword

Select a search target, category, or keyword and you can quickly find the screen you need.

Search results are displayed

Just drag and drop to easily apply associated settings to your screen.

Procedure:[Project] → [New] → [Utilize Data]
Shortcut key:Ctrl + Shift + F

Data browser

The data browser shows a list of objects used in the project. The settings can be edited directly on the browser or by opening the setting dialog. You can easily identify any duplicate data and no longer have to open multiple screens.

Display targets
Figures, objects, screen scripts, screen trigger actions

Editable details
Directly edit devices and text, etc.
Change devices, text, colors, and gures in a batch
Change action settings, fonts, and gures
Change range settings of numerical displays and other objects
Copy/paste multiple cells
Sort and narrow down items by using devices/ keywords
Interchange columns with drag & drop

Data Browser

Procedure:[View]→[Docking Window]→[Data Browser]
Shortcut key: Ctrl + E


Instead of using devices, use easy-to-understand names (label names) to create screens.
Not only Mitsubishi programmable controller devices, but also non-Mitsubishi controller devices and GOT internal devices can be assigned to labels. The labels can easily be managed by defining label groups for each controller and screen.
Any label names can be set or the global labels/labels can be imported from GX Works3, GX Works2, MT Works2, or can be copied/ pasted from Excel®.

Label Label

Procedure:[Common] → [Label] → [New Label Group]

Input assist

When setting your labels/devices, "Input Assist" provides a list of applicable labels/devices, complete with label comments, device comments, and device definitions.

Input assist Example of devices
  • ➊ Input device name
  • ➋ Devices corresponding to the input device name are displayed from the devices preset in the project or from the history of recently set devices
  • ➌ Select from the list and set the device
Input assist Example of comments
  • ➊ Import a device comment file of GX Works3/GX Works2/GX Developer
 Example of devices
  • ➊ Input a keyword
  • ➋ The list shows the devices that have the input keyword in their device comments
  • ➌ Select from the list and set the device

Procedure:List appears when entering a device


Customize each template to the desired look-and-feel, ranging from color options to device selection. Attributes such as devices and colors can be set for each template.
You can easily change devices and colors by associating each object with the template´s attribute.


Template attributes (color)

  • ● Historical trend graph line color
  • ● Text color
  • ● Numerical display value color
  • dot
  •  Items that can be registered in templates
    Figures, Objects
  •  Attributes that can be registered and changed in templates
    Device (Bit, Word), Numerical value, Text, Color, Figure, Font, Text size

• Selecting from library
[View] → [Docking Window] → [Library List (Template)]
Shortcut key:Alt + F9

• Creating template
Select object → Right-click → [Template Registration] → [Register to Template]


Graphical meter

Just select a meter from the preset list and you can create stylish, clear meters. The position and angle of scales can be adjusted by mouse operation and the shape and design can be changed easily. Warning color display indicates the machine status clearly.

* Excluding GT21.

Procedure: [Object] → [Graphical Meter]



Antialiasing smoothes out jagged text edges and displays elegant characters.

* Outline font only


Procedure:[Common] → [GOT Type Setting] → [Enable the antialiasing to smooth jagged text edges]

Specification details and major restrictions

● Font usable with antialiasing Outline font

● Precautions when creating screens When antialiasing is enabled, place the object using an outline font on the back layer. If you place such an object on the front layer, antialiasing may not be processed properly.



e-Manual is the Mitsubishi Electric FA Electrical Document Manual with a dedicated viewer (e-Manual Viewer). Useful functions are included such as keyword search of multiple manuals, saving your favorites, saving memos, and others.

  • ➊ Install e-Manual Viewer
  • ➋ Always download the latest manuals. Easy to update with just one click!
  • ➌ Increase your screen design efficiently

Quickly confirm with F1 key
Press the F1 key in GT Works3 and jump to e-Manual for the dialog being edited! Quickly check setting methods and other information!

Easy to view, easy to use!
Easy to view contents, easy to use, useful functions help you access manuals effciently. Quickly search for the information you need.

Cross Manual Search

Search required information from multiple manuals by keyword. You can get to the information you need without opening manuals one by one.


Bookmark frequently used manuals and pages and you can check the information quickly.


Take a memo, such as know-how, and add it to the manual and you can customize manuals as you like.

Procedure:[Help] → [GT Designer3 Help]
Shortcut key: F1

Specification details and major restrictions

* For the details, please contact your local sales office.

< GOT manuals available in e-Manual >

● Manual name GOT2000 Series User´s Manual (Hardware), GOT2000 Series User´s Manual (Utility), GOT2000 Series User´s Manual (Monitor), GT Designer3 (GOT2000) Screen Design Manual

< e-Manual Viewer Windows® version >

● Supported OS Microsoft® Windows® 10, Microsoft® Windows® 8.1, Microsoft® Windows® 8, Microsoft® Windows® 7, Microsoft® Windows Vista®, Microsoft® Windows® XP

● How to obtain e-Manual e-Manual is included with GT Works3 Ver.1.155M or later. For the details, please contact your local sales office.

< e-Manual Viewer tablet version >

● Supported OS Android™ 4.3/4.4/5.0, iOS 8.1 or later

● How to obtain e-Manual e-Manual is available for download from application distribution sites. (Search by " Mitsubishi e-manual")