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Circuit Breakers for Use in Particular Applications

Circuit Breakers for Use in Particular Applications

To upgrade a electrical equipment by using products suitable for the particular application.

If it is considered as proper when the standard MCCB/ELCB is not chosen to use in a special characteristic of the load, the special breaker is needed.

Some products are regionally specific; for up to date sales availability, please check your local web page.   Click here

Instantaneous tripping Circuit Breakers

In case of depending on a kind and a characteristic of the load, MCCBs or ELCBs have only Instantaneous characteristic are used.

Instantaneous tripping Circuit Breakers

Isolation Switches DSN

As a result of making a Isolation switch (DSN) by omitting the overcurrent tripping device of a MCCB, it is used as a switching device having high operating capacities.

Isolation Switches