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Molded Case Circuit Breakers with Measuring Display Unit

Molded Case Circuit Breakers with Measuring Display Unit

Mitsubishi Measuring Display Unit Breakers with built-in VT and CT and MDU (Measuring Display Unit) realize measurement, display and transmission of electric circuit information in small space with less installation and wiring work and provide total cost advantages.
A wide variety of models applicable to various networks (CC-Link, B/NET Transmission) and to support the customers' energy saving activities through detailed energy control as energy saving supporting devices.

Energy Saving Management

Measurement and Display

  Molded case circuit breakers
with MDU
with MDU
with MDU
with MDU
with MDU
Load current
Line voltage
Harmonics current
Total harmonics current
Electric energy
Power factor
Reactive power
Reactive energy



  • It is possible to measure and display various circuit information such as the load current, electric energy and power factor, so detailed energy control is achieved.
  • It is possible to give notification of the various alarms for the circuit on the display, so circuit monitoring can be performed simply.

Example of circuit information display

  • Circuit monitoring functions such as the PAL, OVER and TRIP alarm and accident cause functions are included.
    (The LCD backlight display color changes from white to red when alarms and accidents occur, so it is possible to notice errors to remote place. )

Example of circuit information display

Example of switchable display

Supports a wide variety of networks

The MCCB with MDU has a wide lineup of product groups and can also transmit information using the various networks (B/NET transmission, CC-Link communication, electric energy pulse output).
By combining it with various programmable controllers and devices supporting energy saving, it contributes to the configuration of a wide range of energy saving management systems that suit the requirements of the customers.