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Energy Measuring Unit EcoMonitorLight


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Easy and Low-Cost Measurement

Simple Measurement/Installation

The built-in LCD screen enables the settings, measurements, and displays required for measuring energy with a single unit.

Product Lineup that Provides Easy Equipment Selection

This measuring unit lineup consists of a "High Performance Model" and a "Standard Model".

High Performance Model: For customers who want to perform harmonic measurements, alarm monitoring, upper/lower limits monitoring, alarm output and pulse input/output, in addition to the Standard Model features

Standard Model: For customers who "want to start measuring energy in a simple and low-cost manner".

MODBUS®RTU (RS-485) Communication as Standard Equipment

Providing MODBUS®RTU (RS-485) communication as standard equipment allows you to connect with the functions listed below, and use it for energy management and as a system terminal.

Host systems (such as PLC, etc.)

Data Acquisition Software (EMU4-SW1)*1

Display device (GOT)*2

  • *1: Data Acqisition Software (EMU4-SW1) can be downloaded for free from the Mitsubishi Electric website.
  • *2: A sample GOT screen can be downloaded for free from the Mitsubishi Electic web site. (GT14**-Q, GT1030)

Expansion by use of Logging and Communication Units

Logging Unit

Use of a logging unit allows you to output various energy (such as current, voltage and power) data measured by the energy measuring unit in CSV file format on an SD memory card for easy data management.

Communication Unit (CC-Link Communication Unit)

A communication unit can be connected to the system using CC-Link communication for system upgrades.

Measurement Functions

High-Precision Measurement

The continuous measurement of energy at sampling cycles of approximately 250 µs allows for measuring even short-cycle loads such as that for spot or solder welding.

*Data of measured values, including power use as well as voltage, current and similar items, is acquired at update cycles of 250 ms.

Operating Time Measurement

The current measurement time can be calculated in seconds and the equipment operating time can be displayed in hours (h) in order to utilize the data in diagnosing production equipment service life and for performing preventive maintenance.

*Operating time can also be output to the host system as CSV data.

Advantage of High-Precision (Short-Cycle) Measurement

Advantage of High-Precision (Short-Cycle)

It is possible for measurements to be missed when performing continuous measurement of short-cycle loads because the power used for spot or solder welding is used for an extremely short period. The EcoMonitorLight provide high-precision measurement so that the measurements of short-cycle loads are not missed.

Operating Time Measurement with Specified Inputs as a Trigger

Operating Time Measurement
with Specified Inputs as a Trigger

You can specify contact inputs to the energy measuring unit (High Performance Model only) as triggers for the start and end of operating time in order to be able to measure operating time according to actual equipment operation.

Support Functions

Misconnection Determination Support

This function displays items such as current and voltage phase angles, and energy, current and voltage values for each phase. By checking each displayed value, distinction of whether there is a misconnection in current or voltage input used for measuring is supported.

Test Function

This function enables communication of test data to the host system without voltage or current input. By enabling alarm and pulse test signal output, it becomes easy to check wiring and perform system testing.

Misconnection Determination Support

Test Function

* The above examples are sample images.
Refer to the operation manual for actual screens, the check method, directions for use, etc.

* Refer to the operation manual for the table for distinction.