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Energy Measuring Unit EcoMonitorPlus


Want to expand the energy-saving system in phases!

You can start measurement at locations where you want to achieve energy saving.
Expanding the system by adding more units as the number of measurement circuits increases.

Unit maximum

Basic unit cannot be used as an extension unit.
Up to three optional units can be connected.
On basic unit can be connected with only one optional unit.

Want to create reports and graphs for simplified management of measurement data!

  • Using the logging unit, you can collect data without a host application program such as a PC-based application.
  • Documentation software (Logging Unit Utility) enables easy creation of reports and graphs.

Method of leakage current measurement-1

Method of leakage current measurement-1

Sample of report

Graph sample

Want to use the EcoMonitorPlus for purposes other than energy saving!

Measurement of leakage current

Capable of measuring even extremely low levels of leakage current.

Insulation monitor unit (EMU4-LG1-MB) Leakage current resolution: 0.01 mA
⇒Capable of measuring leakage current in equipment qroups, such as motors.

Monitoring of equipment insulation degradation using Ior system.

Since leakage current (Io) is affected by the Ioc of the whole equipment, the Ior measurement is effective for insulation deterioration diagnosis.