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Energy Measuring Unit EcoMonitorPro


EcoMonitor Pro provide precise measurement of incoming (high voltage) and destribution (low voltage) circuits simultaneously; enabling you to easily determine where to introduce energy-saving activities that reduce the cost of operations.

Meet the needs of various circuit conditions

  • Wide selection to suit number of circuits
  • Low voltage to high voltage
  • Multiple transformer systems (different voltage, phase, wiring) measurable with one unit

Use existing networks

  • Central surveillance and energy saving analysis
  • Multiple circuits displayed with one display unit
  • Cassette-type communication modules

Easier extension according to budget

  • Sensor cable
  • Split-type 5A current sensor
  • IEC rail mounting
  • Installation on a panel board

Product Lineup

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Product Name Model Name Note
Energy Measuring Unit EMU2-RD3-F 3 Circuits*1 Non communication, for
1P2W or 3P3W
EMU2-RD5-F 5 Circuits*1
EMU2-RD7-F 7 Circuits*1
EMU2-RD3-C 3 Circuits*1 CC-Link communication for
1P2W or 3P3W
EMU2-RD5-C 5 Circuits*1
EMU2-RD7-C 7 Circuits*1
EMU2-RD2-F-4W 2 Circuits*2 Non communication for
1P2W or 3P4W
EMU2-RD4-F-4W 4 Circuits*3
EMU2-RD2-C-4W 2 Circuits*2 CC-Link communication for
1P2W or 3P4W
EMU2-RD4-C-4W 4 Circuits*3
  • *1: Each circuits has its own voltage
  • *2: Common voltage for 2 circuits
  • *3: Common voltage for every 2 circuits