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iQ Platform

Controller and HMI

Advanced, high-speed integrated controllers

The iQ-Platform realizes consolidated controllers on one common platform. Various different controllers responsible for different aspects of automation control can be used together on one high-speed system bus. The various control CPUs utilize high-speed data communication via the backplane, further reducing cost as additional networks are not required and improving performance owing to the platform's large data bandwidth capability.

iQ Platform

Improved maintenance and lean manufacturing

Maintenance is improved as spare parts are kept to a minimum by basing the control on one common automation platform. In addition, traceability within production is enhanced by direct connection to the Enterprise, the MES interface delivering IT information to the shop floor, thereby realizing lean manufacturing processes.

High-accuracy motion control using high-speed multi-CPUs

The iQ-R Series servo controller system consists of a high-speed, high-capacity programmable controller CPU and a high-speed, highaccuracy motion CPU operating via a high-speed main base. Complex machine control is realized without compromising the operation speed.

Advanced machine interface functionality

General machine operations such as that for the computer numerical control (CNC) can be easily realized on the HMI (GOT) without having to use a stand-alone system. The GOT2000 boasts advanced functionality such as high-speed processing, increased memory with expansion options through an SD memory card slot, and easy operability through its multitouch gesture functionality.

MELSEC iQ-R Series

As a bridge to the next generation of automation, the MELSEC iQ-R Series is a high-end automation controller system including various features that help to reduce TCO*, improve reliability and reuse existing assets.

* TCO: Total cost of ownership

Programmable controller

The core of the MELSEC iQ-R Series, the programmable controller CPU, includes various features such as an embedded database and high-speed processing that enable it to perform a wide range of control tasks. Five CPUs are available depending on program capacity (40K to 1200K steps).

Motion controller

The motion CPU is capable of positioning, speed, torque, tightening and press-fit, advanced synchronous, and cam control, further satisfying high-mix and low-volume production in X-Y table, winding, packaging, and filling machines.

C Controller

The C Controller is a reliable open platform for executing C/C++ applications. Having a robust design, C Controller is an attractive alternative to computers, which are usually associated with high maintenance costs.


The MELSEC-Q Series offers a broad spectrum of automation controllers, realizing an increase in productivity and improvement in production processes.

Process CPU

The Process CPU is designed specifically for medium- to large-scale process control systems requiring high-speed performance coupled with the handling of large PID loops. Hot-swapping of I/O modules is also possible, which adds further reliability to the control system.


Integration of high-performance CNC controllers improves control system operating time and performance, resulting in higher productivity. Standard I/O modules reduce maintenance costs as replacements are generally available.

Robot controller

By integrating MELFA robots, it is possible to leverage communication with other controllers and HMI utilizing the multi-CPU capability and improve overall machine productivity.

MELSEC iQ-F Series Programmable controller

The MELSEC iQ-F Series is a compact next-generation controller that includes many integrated functions, enhanced processing performance, user-centric programming and improved connectivity to drive related control.

GOT2000 (HMI) Series

The GOT2000 improves productivity through its multiple advanced functions. The HMI can act as a seamless interface to other controllers within the production line, monitor production values, and offers easy-to-use multi-touch gesture operability. A high-resolution display enables viewing information clearly even when at a high zoom level.