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Mitsubishi Electric Installs Diamond Vision Screen at Hiratsuka Stadium

First large-scale screen for J. League club Shonan Bellmare home stadium

Tokyo, December 1, 2010 - Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (TOKYO: 6503) announced today that it has completed installation of a 800-inch Diamond Vision large-scale display system at Hiratsuka Stadium in Hiratsuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. The new screen is the first large-scale LED screen installed at Hiratsuka City's multi-use athletics stadium, also the home stadium of J. League Division 1 soccer club Shonan Bellmare.

The 17.76 meter × 9.84 meter screen incorporates high-luminance light-emitting diodes (LEDs) aligned vertically and horizontally in a 15-millimeter dot pitch (see specifications below) and the latest digital screen controllers, and is able to display high-definition video content. The screen, installed on the stadium's south side, will display textual and graphic information as well as live videos and slow-motion replays. The screen system is compatible with personal computers, allowing data on sporting events to be displayed on screen.

Built in 1987 inside the grounds of Hiratsuka City's comprehensive park, Hiratsuka Stadium is a category-2 track and field facility, authorized by the Japan Association of Athletics Federations to hold J. League and other soccer games as well as national track and field competitions.
Diamond Vision LED at Hiratsuka Stadium

Diamond Vision LED at Hiratsuka Stadium

Mitsubishi Electric has installed numerous other Diamond Vision displays at soccer stadia in Japan in the past, including:
•  802-inch display at Gifu Memorial Center in March 2010
•  600-inch display at Kumamoto Prefecture's KKWING in March 2010
•  491-inch display at NACK5 Stadium in September 2007
•  460-inch display at Fukuda Denshi Arena in September 2005

Going forward, Mitsubishi Electric aims to further expand its business in large displays for public stadia and other sports facilities.


Product name Diamond Vision LED
Screen size 17.76 m (w) × 9.84 m (h); 174.76m2; 800-inch
Light emitting element High luminance LED element (red, blue and green)
Dot pitch
Pixel size (dot) 1184 (w) × 656 (h)