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Mitsubishi Electric Announces Sale of InGaP-HBT for Amplifiers in Satellite Digital Radios

Tokyo, December 9, 2010 - Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (TOKYO: 6503) announced today it will launch two new models of indium gallium phosphide (InGaP) - heterojunction bipolar transistors (HBT) for reception systems in satellite digital radios. These products have a 4-pin full-mold package, and are best used in the second or third stages of low noise amplifiers for L to C band (0.56GHz) applications. Shipments will begin on February 7, 2011.

Satellite digital audio radio service (SDARS), common in North America since 2001, does not require tuning to adapt to regional broadcasting like analog radio services. Car audio systems therefore use SDARS to access traffic information, entertainment programs and other information services. Low noise amplifiers used in the reception systems of these satellite digital radios are composed of two or three stages. The first stage requires efficient low noise and high gain characteristics, and the second and third stages require high gain and high power characteristics.

Mitsubishi Electric will begin shipment of a new series of InGaP-HBTs including the MGF3021AM, which features high gain characteristics, and the MGF3022AM, which has high power characteristics. These amplifiers best operate in combination with the MGF4921AM, Mitsubishi Electric's low noise gallium arsenide (GaAs) high electron mobility transistor already available for the first stage of amplifying.

MGF3021AM (above)
MGF3022AM (below)

Summary of Sale

Model Features Shipment date Monthly production
MGF3021AM High gain specification
Glp: 22dB
P1dB: 11dBm
Feb 7,2011 50,000 pieces
MGF3022AM High output power specification
Glp: 18dB
P1dB: 16.5dBm
50,000 pieces

Product Features

1) InGaP-HBT with high gain, high power and high efficiency
- Lineup of high gain (MGF3021AM) and high power (MGF3022AM) InGaP-HBTs
- Features high efficiency with collector efficiency of 32% for MGF3021AM and 44% for MGF3022AM at P1dB
- Single power supply operation, suitable for the second or third stages of low noise amplifiers
2) Industry standard 4-pin full-mold package
- Industry standard 4-pin full-mold package
- Unchanged foot pattern from the MGF4921AM, Mitsubishi Electric's low noise amplifier suitable for the first stage

Other Features

Model MGF3021AM MGF3022AM
bias condition
Collector to emitter voltage 3V 3V
Collector current 14mA 33mA
Operation frequency 2.4GHz
MAG Maximum available power gain 23 19
Glp Linear power gain 22 18
P1dB 1dB gain compression point 11 16.5
OIP3 3rd order intermodulation
distortion output intercept point
24 32