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Mitsubishi Electric to Strengthen Overseas Elevator Business with New Model Series and Enhanced Maintenance Structure

Tokyo, December 27, 2011 - Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (TOKYO: 6503) announced that it will globally launch a new series of state-of-the-art elevators this month to strengthen its overseas elevator business. The company will also strengthen its global supply of parts and engineering services through the establishment of a parts-supply and engineering company in Thailand.

Mitsubishi Electric's new, machine-room less NEXIEZ-MRL elevator offers a range of load capacities (450 to 1,050 kilograms) and rated speeds (60 to 105 meters per minute) to enable building owners to reduce carbon dioxide emissions through high energy efficiency. The models will be mainly manufactured in Thailand by Mitsubishi Elevator Asia Co., Ltd., which is a key player in Mitsubishi Electric's global elevator business.

Mitsubishi Electric Building Techno-Service Co., Ltd., a wholly owned maintenance company, has established a parts-supply and engineering subsidiary, Meltec Parts & Engineering Co., Ltd., in Chon Buri, Thailand. Working in cooperation with Mitsubishi Elevator Asia, the new company will supply elevator parts worldwide on a highly efficient basis, taking over this role from Mitsubishi Electric's Inazawa Works in Japan. Utilizing its strong engineering capabilities, Meltec Parts & Engineering will also provide modernization and renovation services to building owners.
Interior of NEXIEZ-MRL

Interior of NEXIEZ-MRL

Meltec Parts & Engineering Co., Ltd.

Meltec Parts & Engineering Co., Ltd.

Main Features of NEXIEZ-MRL Elevators

1. Energy savings
The NEXIEZ-MRL elevator contributes to the shift to sustainable societies by offering green features such as LED lighting and regenerative converters.
-LED lighting (optional feature)
Energy-efficient, long-life LED lighting is used for car lighting and hall lanterns, cutting energy consumption by approximately 50 percent or more.
-Regenerative converters (optional feature)
Although the power generated during traction machine operation usually dissipates as heat, a regenerative converter changes the energy back into electrical power and transmits it to a distribution transformer, from which the power is fed into the building's electrical power network for reuse. Depending on specifications and operating conditions, the system can cut energy consumption and CO2 emissions by 35% each.
-Energy-saving operational control (optional feature)
When someone pushes an elevator call button, the system selects the elevator that best balances operational efficiency and energy consumption based on each car's potential energy consumption according to its current location and passenger load. The system can reduce energy consumption by up to 10% (requires at least two elevator cars in operation).
2. Greater traffic efficiency and more effective use of building space
The NEXIEZ-MRL elevator incorporates the Variable Traveling Speed Elevator System (VSE), a proprietary Mitsubishi Electric technology, for faster and more efficient rides. VSE combined with Smooth Emergency Terminal Slowdown (SETS) technology optimizes the balance between traffic and space, thereby maximizing traffic efficiency.
-Variable Speed Elevator System (optional feature)
With Mitsubishi Electric's industry-first Variable Traveling Speed Elevator System, an elevator can travel faster than its rated speed according to the weight balance between the car and the counterweight. The elevator offers greater convenience for users by reducing waiting time by up to 15% and traveling time by up to 32%, depending on specifications and operating conditions.
-Smooth Emergency Terminal Slowdown (optional feature*)
Mitsubishi Electric's proprietary Smooth Emergency Terminal Slowdown (SETS) technology helps save vertical space by using a distinct feature where a microcomputer monitoring for excessive elevator speeds activates a braking system that quickly responds and brings the elevator to a smooth stop within a shorter distance. Applying the SETS system allows operators to reduce the overhead and pit dimensions by up to 550 mm compared to conventional elevator systems.
* This optional feature will be released soon.
3. New designs address diverse market requirements
NEXIEZ-MRL elevator designs suit a variety of customer needs and preferences based on research conducted by Mitsubishi Electric in markets including South East Asia, the Middle East and Europe. The series will offer 11 ceiling-design variations, including five with LED lighting. In addition, interiors are tastefully appointed with attractively designed handrails, mirrors and operating panels.