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Elevators deliver the luxury of Mitsubishi Electric performance
to The Tower at One St. George Wharf
(London, U.K.)

The St. George Wharf district on the banks of the Thames River in central London is a landmark development of luxury residences.

Standing out among all of them is "The Tower." Completed in 2014, the 50-story skyscraper is the tallest sole residential building in the U.K.—a rare sight in London where strict height restrictions are enforced on high-rise developments. For The Tower residents, who number among the world's most affluent, the elevators are expected to be an extension of their ultra-luxurious residential lifestyle, and Mitsubishi Electric responds with a high-quality ride in every way: smooth movement with minimal vibration achieved through advanced technology honed to perfection at Mitsubishi Electric's elevator test tower. Among the many functional amenities is an advanced energy-saving system. Elevator hall lighting is normally off, but the system automatically switches it on just before a car arrives at the floor.

Today, in the skies over London and cities around the world, Mitsubishi Electric elevators are again doing what they do best—moving people with quality in motion.

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