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Our escalators are moving people to and from trains throughout Tokyo Station,
one of Japan's premier train terminals.
(Tokyo, Japan)

Almost a century after the first train left one of its platforms, Tokyo Station underwent an ambitious multi-year renovation, restoring the historic cultural asset to its original glory and preserving an architectural masterpiece for future generations. As a major terminal for many railway lines that transport people to destinations in the greater metropolitan region and all over Japan, Tokyo Station ranks among the world's megahub stations. The Shinkansen (Bullet Train) first brought high-speed railway to the world when the service between Tokyo and Shin-Osaka began in 1964. Today, Shinkansen lines fan out from Tokyo Station and cover Japan with a mode of transportation indispensable for millions of businesspeople and tourists.

All year round without a break, Mitsubishi Electric escalators in the station support the smooth movement of people, showcasing proven reliability and high-quality standards that meet and exceed the demands of one of Japan's busiest stations. Exacting inspections and maintenance carried out daily ensure their safe and dependable operation.

Today, Mitsubishi Electric escalators are a part of the proud tradition of Tokyo Station; helping millions embark to the destinations of their dreams in safety and comfort.

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