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Semiconductors & Devices

Power Devices / Innovative Power Devices for a Sustainable Future
  • [New]SiC-SBD
  • SiC Power Modules
  • IGBT Modules
Optical Devices / [New Products] Launch High-power 638nm Red Laser Diode for Projectors Unprecedented 3.0W pulse-light output power will lead to extra-bright and miniaturized projectors. News Release on December 19, 2018
Optical Devices / [New Products] 25Gbps EML CAN for 5G Mobile Base Stations Enables high-speed data transmission and reduced power consumption within mobile networks. News Release on September 4, 2018
High Frequency Devices / [Featured Products] GaN-HEMT for Satellite EarthStations(SATCOM)
TFT-LCD Modules / [New Products] Launch 10.4-inch SVGA
Color TFT-LCD Modules with PCAP. Market-leading touch functionality and sensitivity combined with max.5mm cover glass. News release on December 12,2018
TFT-LCD Modules / [New Products] Establishes Mass-production Technology for Curved Color TFT-LCD Module and Begins Taking Orders. Combination of environmental ruggedness and attractive design ideal for automobiles and leisure boats. News Release on November 26,2018

News Releases

When purchasing Mitsubishi Electric power devices(samples or mass-produced products), please be sure to purchase them through our sales representatives or distributors in your area. Mitsubishi Electric cannot guarantee the proper functionality of irregular or secondhand products, because we do not have any information on their operation history.