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Semiconductors & Devices

Exhibition & Event SID Display Week 2019Exhibition & Event SID Display Week 2019

SID Display Week 2019

Exhibition Report

Mitsubishi Electric Booth

Mitsubishi Electric exhibited TFT-LCD modules at SID Display Week 2019 held from May 14–16, 2019 in San Jose , USA.
Thank you very much visiting our booth.

Exhibited Products

TFT-LCD modules

TFT-LCD Modules with touch panel

TFT-LCD Modules standard format

Mitsubishi Electric introduced ideal TFT-LCD modules for outdoor operating equipment, construction and agricultural machinery, vehicle and ship display applications.

The main exhibit products

  • Market-leading touch functionality and sensitivity "TFT-LCD Modules with PCAP"
  • High vibration resistance "Tough Series TFT-LCD Modules"
  • Ideal for outdoor applications "Transflective Series TFT-LCD Modules"
  • Extended screen width (8:3 aspect ratio) accommodates extensive information "TFT-LCD Module Special format"
  • Clear displays ensure important information "Automotive grade TFT-LCD Module", others

Exhibition Information

SID Display Week 2019
Society for Information Display - Display Week
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    Exhibition about regarding to the display
May 12 - May 17, 2019
Tue., May 1410:30 - 18:30
Wed., May 1509:00 - 17:00
Thu., May 1609:00 - 15:00
San Jose, USA
San Jose McEnery Convention Center