GaAs High Frequency DevicesGaAs High Frequency Devices


The Best Solution for Realizing the Information Era.

Communication Networks such as high speed Internet, Video-on-demand and high speed Data communication are developing rapidly.

We are ready to offer the best solution to the systems for realizing the information era by providing a variety of GaAs based products.


  • Low noise GaAs FETs/HEMTs/InGaP HBT and their MMICs are designed for low noise, high gain and low distortion amplifiers to be used in DBS/SDARS/GPS/Automotive and etc.

Main Applications

DBS, SDARS, GPS, Automotive and etc.

  • *DBS
    : Direct Broadcasting Satellite
  • *SDARS
    : Satellite Digital Audio Radio Service
  • *GPS
    : Global Positioning System

Selection Map

Low Noise GaAs HEMTs

Low Noise GaAs HEMTs

Small Signal GaAs FET/HEMTs, InGaP HBT

Small Signal GaAs FET/HEMTs, InGaP HBT


  • Space Qualified Devices are available. Please contact sales representative.
  • ADS/MWO Non-linear models, Reliability data are available for most of our devices. Please contact sales representative.

Data Sheets

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