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The rapid spread of mobile terminals such as smartphones and tablets has required the establishment of earth stations for satellite communications systems (SATCOM) which is a means of high-speed communication in regions where it is geographically difficult to install more mobile communication system base stations, or to secure emergency communications and develop terrestrial communication networks.

While power amplifiers using Si transistors have been employed in each of the systems, the switch to GaN amplifiers that employ GaN (Gallium Nitride) on transistors - which is expected to be more efficient and have higher output than Si - is gathering pace.

Our GaN high-frequency devices are contributing to progress in high speed/large capacity communications systems through their high efficiency/high output and extensive product range.


GaN devices / High efficiency & High output power / Various product lineup

Selection Map

GaN HEMT / High Power GaN HEMT

GaN HEMT / High Power GaN HEMT MGFS39G38L2 MGFS38G38L2 MGFS37G38L2 MGFK50G3745/MGFK50G3745A★★ MGFK48G3745/MGFK48G3745A★★ MGFG5H1503
  • ★★: Under development (Multi-carrier operable)
  • Partially supported by Japan's New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization(NEDO).

3.5GHz GaN HEMT for Mobile Communication Base Transceiver Station (BTS)

Mobile Communication Base Transceiver Station (BTS)

5W/7W/9W output power products line-up Corresponding of various needs in a micro-cell BTS


Base Transceiver Station (BTS)
  • Achieve high drain efficiency* of 67% by GaN-HEMT and transistor optimization
  • High efficiency allows use of simple cooling system, which contributes to smaller size and lower power consumption of BTS
  • Corresponding of various needs in a micro-cell BTS

*According to Mitsubishi Electric as of December, 2015

Products Lineup

Use Frequency Model Output
Micro-cell BTS 3.4-3.8GHz MGFS39G38L2Opens in new window 9W 39.5dBm 20dB 67% 50V Plastic molded
MGFS38G38L2Opens in new window 7W 38.4dBm 20dB 67%
MGFS37G38L2Opens in new window 5W 37.0dBm 20dB 67%

Measurement result with Doherty power amplifier (5Wx2chip)

Doherty power amplifier
Freq 3.48GHz 3.50GHz 3.52GHz
Psat 33.9dBm 33.9dBm 34.0dBm
Glp 14.3dB 14.1dB 13.5dB
Effd 51.6% 51.3% 52.0%
E-UTRA -50.0dBc -50.0dBc -50.0dBc

GaN HEMT & MMIC for satellite communication earth Station (SATCOM)

satellite communication earth Station (SATCOM)

Lead to products line-up for various needs of the satellite communication earth Station (SATCOM)

High power GaN-HEMT

High power GaN-HEMT
  • 20W/70W/100W of output power products lineup available from driver stage to final stage amplifier application
  • Contributing to the miniaturization of transmitter equipment in satellite communication earth Station (SATCOM) by Industry-leading* output power 100W product (MGFK50G3745) and high-gain 9.3dB product(MGFG48G3745)
  • Built-in linearizer (MGFG5H1503) enables low distortion in power transmitters
  • Addressing the need for more amplifiers configuration of satellite earth station by our variety products lineup, eliminates the need to evaluate the functionality of each transistor during product development, as well as connectivity and synthesis, shortening the development period

*According to Mitsubishi Electric as of September, 2016

Products Lineup

Frequency Model Output power Linear
Power Added
Ku-band 13.75-14.5 GHz MGFG5H1503Opens in new window 20W 43.0dBm 20dB 18% MMIC
MGFK50G3745Opens in new window 100W 50.0dBm 10dB 30% IMFET
MGFK48G3745Opens in new window 70W 48.3dBm 9.3dB 33%

Development of this product has been partially supported by Japan's New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO).


  • If you look for lower operating voltage devices, Please visit our GaAs devices page.
  • ADS/MWO Non-linear models, Reliability data are available for most of our devices. Please contact sales representative.

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