We offer flat rectifier diodes for general use that rectify commercial frequencies and flat diodes for freewheel diodes in inverter circuits and for high-speed switching on a surge voltage absorbing circuit (snubber). Our flat soft recovery diodes support GCT thyristors that are the high-speed operation version of GTO thyristors.


  • The rectifier diodes for general use are 500-6,000V/800-5,000A.
  • The high-speed switching diodes are 2,800-6,000V/800-1,700A.
  • The product lineup includes high-speed switching soft recovery diodes, 4,500-6,000V/500-3,000A.

Main Applications

< Rectifier diodes for general use >

DC power supply for electrolysis/DC power supply for chargers/brushless generators and motors/static exciters of rotary machines/DC power supply for elevators/power supply for other AC motors

< High-speed switching diodes >

Freewheel diodes for high power inverters and DC choppers/snubbers for GTO thyristors/power supply for other high frequency rectifiers

Data Sheets

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