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Pressure / Acceleration SensorsPressure / Acceleration Sensors


Our pressure sensors are hybrids that combine a sensor section using the piezoresistance effect (application of stress changes the resistance ratio) and amplifier circuits integrated into one chip, with adjusting resistance added (Some sensors also have an ASIC).

The lineup includes acceleration sensors that pack a sensor chip, with a structure in which the electric capacity changes with inertia force, and a signal-processing ASIC into the same package, using bulk micromachining technology (a processing technology which forms a microscopic structure on the silicon single crystal board itself) that processes sensor chips with dry etching.


Pressure Sensors

  • Built-in amplifier circuits and temperature-compensation circuits
  • No need to condition the voltage characteristics because adjusting resistance is built in
  • Thick-film resistance constants can be changed to enable customized products.
  • Pressure sensors, amplifier circuits and temperature-compensation circuits are built into the signal-processing ASIC, allowing everything to be condensed into one package (10-pin flat package).
  • Internal ROM data can be changed to enable customized products (10-pin flat package).

Acceleration Sensors

  • Compact 16-pin SOP package.
  • Since the sensitivity and offset voltage adjustment circuits are built in to the signal-processing ASIC, external parts are unnecessary apart from a noise removing condenser.
  • Sensor output has a ratiometric power supply.

Main Applications

< Pressure sensors for social >

Vacuum cleaner motor control, blood pressure gauges, water level detection

< Pressure sensors for automobile >

Atmospheric pressure gauges, altitude measurements

< Acceleration Sensors >

Liquid crystal projectors/car navigation/ramp meters/oscillation instruments for industrial equipment/computer peripheral equipment/motion capture/HMD (head mounted display) amusement machinery