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Semiconductors & Devices

Transistor ArraysTransistor Arrays


Transistor arrays are semiconductor ICs capable of driving LEDs and stepping motors with minimal input current. The adoption of a surface-installation package allows the set to be compact, lightweight and high density.


  • Lineup includes 3V microcomputer-compatible models.
    Conventional transistor arrays were compatible with 5V microcomputers. Due to the move to low voltage in recent years, however, the lineup now includes a model that can be driven directly by 3V microcomputer output without buffer.
  • Lineup of MOS transistor arrays
    In addition to conventional bipolar transistor arrays, the lineup includes MOS-configured transistor arrays. The MOS-configuration lowers electric power consumption and enables high speed actuation, high voltage and high current drive.

Main Applications

Amusement: Pachinko/office automation equipment: PPC, fax machines, printers/home electronics: air conditioners, fan heaters, washing machines, refrigerators/industrial equipment: vending machines, sequencers