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Optical Fiber Communication DevicesOptical Fiber Communication Devices


With the rapid rise of the internet and following the maintenance of the fiber-optic communications backbone system, we are proceeding to introduce metro-type and access-type fiber-optic communications even in corporate LAN.

In addition, fiber-optics are now reaching private homes and high-speed communication services via FTTH are becoming operational. Mitsubishi is making fiber-optic communications compatible with a wide range of fields, from industrial to social.


  • LD/LD module: Compatible with various applications, these modules offer wide-range support of FP, DFB, and EAM-LD including wavelength multiplexing
  • PD/PD module: Full lineup from short-range pin-PD to long-distance APD for low- and high-speed optical communication

Main Applications

ONU (subscriber's optical network unit) / OLT (optical line terminal) / Optical fiber transmission system devices (wavelength division multiplexer, optical add-drop multiplexer)

New Products
25Gbps EML CAN for 5G Mobile Base Stations ML760B54

  • 25Gbps transmission speed realized, contributing to higher-speed, larger-capacity mobile communication systems
  • Power consumption reduced approximately 40%, contributing to mobile communication systems that consume less power
  • Simplified product assembly, contributing to customer productivity

New Products
Compact Integrated 400Gbps EML-TOSA FU-402REA-41 / FU-402REA-42

Compact Integrated 400Gbps EML-TOSA FU-402REA-41 / FU-402REA-42
  • Realizing large-capacity and high-speed 400Gbps communication by eight wavelengths by two TOSAs, and 4-level pulse-amplitude modulation (PAM4) method
  • Used in a set of two, can be used in the industry's first EML-TOSA solution for IEEE 400GBASE-LR8 applications
  • Package size complies with common specifications for CFP8 optical transceivers (when using two TOSAs)

Selection Map

Optical Devices (Under 2.5Gbps)

Optical Devices (Under 2.5Gbps) ML720LA11S ML720Y53S ML720Y53S ML720T39S ML720LA50S ML920LA46S ML920LA46S ML920AA11S ML920LA43S ML920LA43S FU-450SDF FU-650SDF FU-650SDF ML720K45S ML720K45S ML720Y49S ML720Y49S ML720K19S ML720K19S ML920K45S target= ML920AA53S ML776H10 ML776H10 ML976H10 ML976H10 FU-470SHL FU-670SHL FU-670SHL PD831AK20 PD831AK20

Optical Devices (Over 10Gbps)

Optical Devices (Over 10Gbps) ML768K42T ML768K42T ML768LA42T ML768LA42T ML768T42T ML768T42T PD831W24 PD831W24

★: New Product ★★: Under Development

Data Sheets

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