Optical Fiber Communication DevicesOptical Fiber Communication Devices


With the rapid rise of the internet and following the maintenance of the fiber-optic communications backbone system, we are proceeding to introduce metro-type and access-type fiber-optic communications even in corporate LAN.

In addition, fiber-optics are now reaching private homes and high-speed communication services via FTTH are becoming operational. Mitsubishi is making fiber-optic communications compatible with a wide range of fields, from industrial to social.


  • LD/LD module: Compatible with various applications, these modules offer wide-range support of FP, DFB, and EAM-LD including wavelength multiplexing
  • PD/PD module: Full lineup from short-range pin-PD to long-distance APD for low- and high-speed optical communication

Main Applications

ONU (subscriber's optical network unit) / OLT (optical line terminal) / Optical fiber transmission system devices (wavelength division multiplexer, optical add-drop multiplexer)

Selection Map

Optical Devices (Under 2.5Gbps)

Optical Devices (Under 2.5Gbps)

Optical Devices (Over 10Gbps)

Optical Devices (Over 10Gbps)

Data Sheets

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