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We offer general rectifying diode modules that rectify commercial frequencies and high frequency diode modules for freewheel diodes in inverter circuits and for high-speed switching on a surge voltage absorbing circuit (snubber).

The main switching devices of an inverter have changed from bipolar transistors to high-speed MOS gate devices, such as IGBT. The requirements of radio noise regulations have also increased the importance of not just reverse recovery characteristics, but also software recovery characteristics.


  • Lineup includes modules with various types of connections
  • The general rectifying diode modules are 400-2,000V/20-500V
  • Lineup includes the high-speed switching diode modules of 250-1,200V/20-450A (compatible with transistor modules and IGBT/IPM)
  • Complies with the RoHS directive
  • Some products available for snubber circuits.

Main Applications

Inverter products/AC motor power supply/AC power supply for batteries/AC power supply for control boards/general AC power supply


Image of connection

For Snubber circuit of IGBT & IPM:RM25HG-24S, RM50HG-12S

Data Sheets

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