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IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) module is a device required for inverter use in many types of industrial equipment, and had driven the trend towards high currents and high voltage since 1990.
The chip structure also evolved from a flat planar structure to a trench gate structure, and the CSTBT (Carrier Stored Trench-Gate Bipolar Transistor: the company’s own carrier accumulation-type trench gate) has enabled low loss and smaller size for industrial equipment.
From the 5th generation IGBT, the lineup has included composite products*1 with a thin profile (NX type) in addition to the former external shape (standard type).
From the S series (6th generation IGBT), there has been additionally offered the T series, with low loss and smaller size.
*1 Incorporates an inverter, 3-phase converter and brake circuit in a single package

Main Applications

General purpose inverters/AC servo/CVCF/solar power generation/wind power generation/CT/MRI/
equipment for induction heating

Features of T1 series

  • CSTBT (7th generation IGBT) and RFC diode*1 inside
  • New structure (resin insulated copper base plate)*2 improves thermal cycle work life
  • Reduces external size*3 by approximately 36% versus former products (CIB)
  • Allows selection of shape of terminals (solder or press-fit*4)
  • Provides 2 types of external package, with standard type and NX type
  • <Options>
  • Coating with PC-TIM*5

  • *1 RFC: Relaxed Field of cathode diode
      A diode that can control the sudden voltage rise by adding a P layer to a portion of the cathode side
      and injecting holes during recovery in order to soften the recovery waveform
  • *2 NK type. Standard type uses thick copper ceramic copper base plate
  • *3 In comparison to S series (1200V/75A)
  • *4 A terminal that contacts and conducts electricity by its elastic shape and return force when pressure
      inserted to a through-hole of a printed circuit board
  • *5 PC-TIM: Phase Change-Thermal Interface Material
      A high thermal conductivity grease that is normally in solid phase but softens with temperature increase

  • IGBT module, T series (CIB) internal circuit diagram
IGBT module, T series (CIB) internal circuit diagram

  • Comparison of external size of IGBT module (CIB)
Comparison of external size of IGBT module (CIB)

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