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IPMs (Intelligent Power Modules)IPMs (Intelligent Power Modules)


IPM (Intelligent Power Module) is a high-performance module that mounts a dedicated drive circuit for drawing greater performance from an IGBT chip, and it provides a custom IC for executing self-protection functions (short circuit, supply under voltage, and over temperature).

We are continuing to advance each IPM series in conjunction with the evolution of IGBT chips.

The lineup includes the main products “L1 series,” “V1 series,” and “S1 series,” to which is newly added the “G1 series,” with low loss, high performance, and small size.

Main Applications

General purpose inverters/AC servo/CVCF/solar power generation/wind power generation/elevators/UPS

Features of G1 Series

  • CSTBT (7th generation IGBT) and RFC diode*1 inside
  • 2-stage drive speed adjustment function for the low current region and the high current region install
  • Separates signal for safeguarding against UV (supply under voltage), SC (short circuit),
    and OT (over temperature)
  • New structure (resin insulated copper base plate) improves thermal cycle work life
  • 3 types of package are available, depending on current capacity and withstanding
  • The smallest package (A type) allow selection of the terminal type (solder or screw stop)
    The 6-in-1 (no brake circuit) also allows selection of the N terminal position*2
  • <Options>
  • BSD*3 for P side drive power supply generation built in (supported products: ~100A/650V, ~50A/1200V)
  • Coating with PC-TIM*4

  • *1 RFC: Relaxed Field of cathode diode
      A diode that can control the sudden voltage rise by adding a P layer to a portion of the cathode side and
      injecting holes during recovery in order to soften the recovery waveform
  • *2 See the product photographs below
  • *3 BSD: Bootstrap Diode
      A high withstanding diode for a bootstrap circuit that creates another voltage from the standard voltage.
  • *4 PC-TIM: Phase Change-Thermal Interface Material
      A high thermal conductivity grease that is normally in solid phase but softens with temperature increase

  • A type package
A type package

Data Sheets

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