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Introduction to Technological/Product Trends in Mitsubishi Electric High-frequency/Optical Devices

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1.4 : Si High-frequency Device

Mitsubishi Electric has long been developing and supplying highly reliable high-output Si high-frequency devices and modules for high-frequency power amplification in wireless systems utilized by government offices and in the operations of various businesses. The wireless systems for businesses are utilized in a more demanding environment than that where mobile phones are used, and as a result, large output and high breakage tolerance are required. Beginning in 2000, Mitsubishi Electric replaced the device structure of its bipolar transistors with the more advantageous high-output MOSFET, enabling the aforementioned requirements to be met.

Fig. 1.9 Examples of wireless communications business applications.

High-frequency power amplification devices used in portable wireless communications equipment must operate for a long time on a single battery charge, and thus require high power efficiency. At the same time, they must not breakdown if there is a current surge from the antenna or battery of the wireless communications equipment.

Mitsubishi Electric has enhanced both the high drain power efficiency and electrostatic discharge (ESD) tolerance by improving the composition of its high-frequency MOSFETs. The company will continue to pursue improvements in power efficiency in the future.

Fig. 1.10 Trend in the development of high-frequency Si devices

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