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Mitsubishi Electric Color TFT-LCD Modules Technologies and Product Trends

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Color TFT-LCD*1 modules are key components of various electrical appliances. Compared with conventional cathode-ray tube (CRT) displays, slimmer TFT-LCD modules save space and consume less electricity. These characteristics are the main reasons why TFT-LCD modules are being used more and more. Today, TFT-LCD modules can be seen in a wide variety of applications such as components of personal computers, cell phones and televisions. TFT-LCD modules have revolutionized the industrial applications of display devices, making what had been virtually an impossible dream a reality.

Mitsubishi Electric offers an extensive line of color TFT-LCD modules designed for industrial applications that deliver optimal visibility, high reliability and enhanced viewability. We provide the products that best match your needs for industrial equipment, and they can be used just about everywhere, from bright to dark as well as low- to high-temperature environments.

*1 TFT-LCD : thin-film transistor liquid-crystal display

1. Applications

Today, industrial Color TFT-LCD modules are used in a wide range of applications. Figure 1 shows the whole spectrum of Color TFT-LCD modules currently in use, grouped by screen size and resolution (shown on the vertical and horizontal axes, respectively).

While LCD modules have a history of being used for ATM and point-of-sale (POS) terminals and factory automation systems, they are now being used in an increasing range of applications that include special construction vehicles, marine vessels and other outdoor equipment thanks to their enhanced luminance and low reflectivity. Demand has been growing, especially for widescreen LCDs that are better equipped to handle today's digital content and external size restrictions.

Color TFT-LCD modules are also increasingly been used more for portable industrial equipment such as handheld ordering systems.

Fig. 1 TFT-LCD applications grouped by screen size and resolution.

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