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Mitsubishi Electric Color TFT-LCD Modules Technologies and Product Trends

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2. Bright Ideas

Mitsubishi Electric's industrial Color TFT-LCD modules are designed to deliver optimal design, high reliability and enhanced viewability. We ensure a long-term supply of products and the compatibility to meet a diverse spectrum of customer needs spread out over a wide range of industries. We offer product lines ranging from 2.2- to 17.5-inch Color TFT-LCD modules. Figure 2 provides an illustration of the bright ideas behind our products.

Fig. 2 Bright ideas behind Mitsubishi Electric's industrial Color TFT-LCD modules.

Optimal Design:
Mitsubishi Electric has been working on the frontiers of development to make high-quality outdoor-use widescreen LCDs. We have been steadily moving forward with an eye to meeting the various needs for industrial equipment, and have successfully commercialized various products. The list of accomplishments include ultra-bright models, anti-reflective (AR)*2 models, transflective models employing a reflective pixel structure and glass-bonded models. Our glass-bonded models incorporate protective glass and a touch panel that have been seamlessly bonded to the LCD module with an adhesive layer of resin. We also supply TFT-LCD modules with environment-conscious LED*3 backlights.

*2 AR : Anti-Reflection
Mitsubishi Electric produces TFT-LCD modules that feature anti-reflective surface treatment on the polarizer.
*3 Light-emitting diode.

High Reliability:
Mitsubishi Electric TFT-LCD modules are designed to deliver optimum performance over a wide range of temperatures (from -30 to 80°C) and under all kinds of operating conditions that produce extreme vibration and shock loads. The use of LED backlights has enabled us to enhance temperature-luminance characteristics beyond what we could have achieved with conventional CCFL*4 backlights. Built to perform for up to 60,000 hours, our LED backlight units are made to last the life of your product.

*4 Cold cathode fluorescent lamp.

Enhanced Viewability:
Natural Color Matrix color conversion technology is employed in each LCD circuit to ensure that our industrial LCD modules deliver optimal quality and reproduce colors as close to the true color of the object as possible. We also offer models with wide viewing angles, extending 170 degrees in both vertical and horizontal directions, to ensure the image is perfect from any angle.

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