Eco Changes

Turning Houses into Models of Efficiency.

There two model houses look identical,
but one's heating system is more efficient.

Standard House, Control Room, and Research House

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Research House

Air to Water Heat Pump System.
The jewel in Mitsubishi Electric's home energy efficiency Crown - The Ecodan System.

The Ecodan system — This house is outfitted with the Mitsubishi Electric Ecodan with wireless remote control. A monobloc heat pump outdoors transfers heat from the ambient air into house via refrigerant and water. A family-sized 200L hot water cylinder indoors coupled with various capacity fan coil units give occupant comfort and hot water. Both outdoor and indoor units are fitted with sensors measuring energy usage, heat transferred and other related parameters.

  • ATW Heat Pump Outdoor Unit
  • Emitter
  • Ecodan Hot water tank
  • Passage
  • Living room
  • Bedroom
  • Stairs
  • Bathroom

Control Room

Control of houses

Identical 2 story, 3 bedroom detached houses, built to strict Scottish building regulations and typical of modern UK housing stock. Both houses are fitted with interior, exterior and through-wall sensors measuring parameters influencing heating system efficiency, product durability and energy performance of the whole building. All of the sensors are linked to the control building, which hosts state of the art data acquisition systems; providing the ability to collect and store long-term data and provide the ability to view live data streams. The data obtained from this ‘one of a kind’ test facility will lead to breakthroughs and enhancement of knowledge in the HVACS industry.


Like the boiler-equipped building this heat pump equipped house is fitted with sensors measuring a wide range of building parameters. With even more sensors monitoring all parts of the high-efficiency Mitsubishi Electric heat pump, important performance data can be recorded to give real-time insights into the operations of the unit, allowing our researchers to test, design and build even better future products. Over 800 various sensors in each building, measuring temperature, humidity and energy consumption. These are used to provide valuable, high-accuracy real-time data that can be used to calculate the energy performance of houses up to 4 times a second, 24 hours a days, 365 days a year!

Standard House

Combined Heating System of Gas Boiler.
This facility exhibits the current most popular conventional heating system in the UK.

The gas boiler — The condensing boiler is fitted with a hot water tank upstairs coupled with conventional radiators in each room. In the MERCE-UK test house these are fitted with sensors measur ing al l energy per formance related parameters.

  • Gas Boiler
  • Emitter
  • Hot water tank
  • Passage
  • Bedroom
  • Stairs
  • Bathroom

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House-Type HVAC Evaluation Facility

Eco Changes: An Introduction

An overview of Eco Changes and how we're helping create a greener tomorrow.