Eco Changes

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Eco Changes

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Twin homes dedicated to making a difference.

They look identical, but one's heating system is many times more efficient.

Giving an old mill new life.

Mitsubishi Electric's VRF zoning technology helped the remodeled Union Mill save enough energy to earn a $164,258 rebate from Baltimore Gas & Electric.

Space wise. Earth smart.

Mitsubishi Electric satellites are helping the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) observations to weather prediction, climate change projection and prevent natural disasters.

Elevators that are generators

Mitsubishi Electric's regenerative converter uses power created by the motion of an elevator to conserve energy.

Engineering efficiency in railcars

Mitsubishi Electric's large-capacity power modules help to save energy, reduce train weight and improve efficiency in railway systems.

Power demand control initiative

Mitsubishi Electric's demand control technology helps companies manage energy consumption and eliminate waste in their office buildings and factories.