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They make my rides on the bullet train comfy and cozy

I love to sleep. Home is my favorite place for that, but sometimes Mommy takes me on the bullet train to visit Grandma and Grandpa. The first time, I was very scared and felt like crying. But when the ride began, it was so smooth and silent that I fell fast asleep. Mommy was happy because she had a relaxing trip, too.
—Baby, 9 months old

High Speed Rail Technology

Monitoring system

Air conditioning

Wayside wireless communication (WMDS) *Wayside Monitoring and Diagnostic System

Propulsion Control System (Regenerative brake)

Main transformer

Traction motor

Transportation Systems by Mitsubishi Electric

Welcome to the World of Advanced
Rail Solutions for the Future

With Mitsubishi Electric’s transportation systems being used in over 30 countries, we are shaping the future of railways.

Mitsubishi Electric offers a comprehensive solution for entire transportation systems, addressing the issues that matter most: ensuring comfort and safety for passengers, while enabling efficient, environmentally friendly operation. We manufacture traction, propulsion control, and braking systems to guarantee the smooth acceleration, deceleration, and control of trains from start to stop. In addition, we provide train information systems, a smart solution that allows the behavior of all on-board equipment to be monitored and controlled. For passenger comfort, we deliver air-conditioning systems as well as passenger information and entertainment systems to enhance the passengers’ enjoyment of their train ride and display information. Furthermore, by interconnecting train and ground systems with wireless network technologies, we facilitate the surveillance of on-board train monitors and displays from ground station control centers, realizing bilateral communication and driving instruction.

Mitsubishi Electric Transportation Systems

The three goals that drive our efforts


Pursuing flexible and global systems…

Creating new-generation transportation systems for the movement of people and goods based on flexible "mobility." To meet the needs for the globalization of economic and industrial activities, we are motivated by the need to provide sophisticated mobility using leading-edge technologies.

Universal Design

Offering a convenient and comfortable ride to all people…

Creating a convenient and safe transportation systems for all people including the elderly and disabled. Mitsubishi Electric strives to realize a more user-friendly transportation experience through increased convenience in rolling stock and transits within railway stations, as well as provision of information systems.


Preserving the environment for the future…

Proposing a more environment-conscious approach to transportation systems for the sustainable development of society, high-quality future living, and to help prevent global warming. We strive to archive a high-level environmental performance through new technological innovations, such as introduction of rolling stock with low energy consumption, effective utilization of regenerated electric power, and leveling of power loads.

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