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They transport our team spirit to the stadium.

Real fans don’t drive to the stadium, they take the subway. We certainly wouldn’t want to miss the kickoff because of a traffic jam! Plus, why spend all that time behind the wheel when our whole group could be partying on the way to the game?
If our team wins, please forgive us, because it’ll be one wild ride home!
—Rio de Janeiro sports fan, 32.

Mitsubishi Electric Transportation Systems

Mitsubishi Electric Railway Equipment & Systems on the Rio de Janeiro Metro

Traction motor

Train information system

Auxiliary power unit

Propulsion control system (Regenerative brake)

Welcome to the World of
Advanced Rail Solutions for the Future

Mitsubishi Electric is contributing to reliable, safe, comfortable railway transportation through innovative solutions such as state-of-the-art products and systems and first-class maintenance and service networks. Focusing on eco-conscious products and manufacturing, the evolution of our energy-saving electronics technologies and system integration for components and systems utilized for all types of rolling stock is never-ending. Today, Mitsubishi Electric railway products and services are being introduced to railway systems in numerous countries around the world.

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